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Is 50k a good investment?

$50k is a lot of savings and definitely an important milestone to celebrate. However, 50k will not be enough to sustain you in retirement, so it’s important to find ways to invest and continue to grow that 50k. What is the best investment for $50k? There is no one best investment for $50k for everyone.

Can you invest $500,000 in real estate?

Outside of buying actual property, there are several ways to invest $500,000 in real estate. One option to invest in real estate is a REIT, or real estate investment trust. REITs are usually publicly traded like stocks on the stock exchange, but some REITs are privately traded.

How much does it cost to invest in a fund?

If you choose a fund that charges 0.25%, you'll pay a little more than $3,600 in fees. One of the easiest low-cost investments to explore is an index fund. These funds allow you to invest in many companies all at once and are less risky than investing in a single stock.

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