Addition of new VIP levels & fee adjustment

To provide an enhanced trading experience for its users as BTCC celebrates its 11th anniversary, BTCC is upgrading its VIP level and fee rate structure.


The adjustment will be completed progressively this week with immediate effect. All upgrades are expected to be completed and effective on 11 July 2022. There will be no further announcement once the upgrade is complete. Please note your current VIP level will not be affected by the upgrade.


Please refer to the following table for the new VIP levels and transaction fees:


Once the upgrade is complete, you may check your current VIP level and find out more details about the latest fee rate by going to the Home page of our app → top left corner → Fee Discounts


If your total net asset value (USDT) meets the requirements for upgrading your VIP level, please contact us via Live Chat to request an upgrade.

We will continue to provide more VIP benefits and improve our VIP services.

Thank you for your continued support in us.