BTC Coin vs BTC Futures Contracts

Bitcoin Coin vs Futures Contracts – Which You Should Invest In

– Every trader aims to make profits, looks to find opportunities

– Bitcoin Coin to trade or its future contracts for trading purpose

– Advantages and disadvantages of trading the Crypto futures

– is your ultimate solution for the trading requirements

Everybody wants to make money for themselves. Someone is looking to buy a luxurious car for themselves while the other could be using this mode of earning to keep running his household expenses. Whatever the targeted motive be, with growing technological advancements and different available opportunities of making profitable trades has led a strong movement of traders to enter the field of trading financial assets. Now, here they are testing their luck and trying to make their money.

When it comes to trading – it doesn’t matter what you are trading as long as it is profitable for you. Whether you are a follower of the sentiment or the herd, the technical analysis (TA) or the fundamentals, it does not matter – as long as you have one.

In this post we are going to introduce you to the Bitcoin future options that you can undertake for making money – or should it be like “undertaking the options for making more money!”

As crypto was introduced into the financial world as a tradable asset, soon the popularity grew enough to turn it into a multi-billion dollar industry. The Bitcoin alone which is considered the king of Crypto-world stands close to $168 billion of market capitalization (July 10, 2020) with volume over $17 billion for the day. The average daily volume of just the Bitcoin exceeds most of overall volume of financial markets in the world!

The greater the volatility; higher the chances of making moves for earning a profit. A sideways move or a lackluster trading item not just gets boring for the traders causing frustration but also takes away the possibilities of undertaking trades for the betterment. With ongoing trader’s favouritism for the Bitcoin as a digital asset, the platforms grew up to meet the expectations of the traders – providing them the platform, options and liquidity to trade.

The Bitcoin future options have become very popular, allowing you to take a trade on either side of the market. The Bitcoin future options work on the movement of Bitcoin, providing a move to whichever side the Bitcoin does since it is the underlying asset on which the option is based. Allowing leverage for bigger positions, the options allow you to go long (if you think that the market is going to head north) and a short-sell position on the future options if you think that the market is going to head south. Further, the available leverage option on the Bitcoin futures (which goes to as much as 100x on a trade) makes the situation even further ideal for the trader to put-through his trades.

Comparing the trading of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Futures, the available opportunity of trading the future option brings exciting opportunities for the traders. Just as stated, being able to trade on a leverage of up to 100x means that a trade if goes right, fetches a 100x profit of the normal Bitcoin move in the delivery option. Secondly, the liquidity – with on-growing demand for Bitcoin trades by the traders, since many of the traders prefer trading future options, there is now a heavy volume and liquidity available in the future options market. Thirdly, the option to short-sell to earn money while Bitcoin heads south is a blessing that allows the traders to earn in any of the moves that happen in the Crypto-world. No more wait for the Bitcoin to rise! Just find the trade and get in!

The disadvantages may include some extra costs and higher risks but if you have got your risks covered, the extra costs are worth the entire trade because the costs don’t make up a big part of the trade. They remain very minute and ignorable if the trade goes right.

We are now introducing you to the BTCC exchange to help you gain insight on where you can access platform to take your Bitcoin future trades. Before taking any decision of putting up your financial assets into place to earn further, the safety of your capital comes first.

The Home Page of BTCC Bitcoin Futures Trading Platform

BTCC has been the oldest exchange which has been into existence and operations. Having been into business since 2011, it remains the only oldest exchange which has never had a security breached. Based on the outstanding firewalls and layers of technology they employ, the BTCC has never fallen trap to the outside world that has tried everything to attack such platforms. That serves the first important thing in our head – our capital is safe.

Further, the BTCC has the easiest of the account opening process which opens up the account in only 30 seconds! Yes, you read it right – 30 seconds! Providing the users with a 1000USDT bonus to claim for starting their trades, the platform allows as low as 100USDT of deposit, with allowing to as low as 0.5btc to be traded in a contract. The leverage? BTCC allows to use leverage to as much as 100x in a go! A little difficult to believe? How about checking all the facts for yourself directly?

BTCC takes pride in being the pioneer of setting up the first perpetual contracts for Bitcoin and related financial assets that can be undertaken by the traders. The exchange offers a very catchy trading-worth interface that is enough appealing for the trader to stick to the screen. Further, offering charting/graphing options further brings the traders to draw their analysis without having to move their view off-sight.

The story does not end here. If you are looking to trade future contracts of other available crypto tokens, BTCC offers you pairs of 9 major cryptocurrencies. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, ADA, XLM and Dash. As long as you find an opportunity to enter, the offers and services that BTCC provides you, are irresistible to let go on.

The Crypto Futures Trading Panel of BTCC

BTCC already having proved itself as amongst the leading exchanges which have always been ahead in innovative ideas and security protocols offers the traders the care that they deserve. From an outstanding platform the unmatchable client service, you would definitely want to take your bet on the BTCC for your future options trading related to cryptocurrencies.

Don’t miss the opportunity. Open an account now to claim your bonus 1000USD!

Disclaimer: There are risks attached in investing, trading and speculating. With hefty gains, there is always a risk of losing your money given that you are not adequately taking care of it. It is still the right attitude to ensure that you follow safety measures which could include using technical entries, stop loss(es) and targeted exits. Understanding leverage is significant. Consulting your independent financial advisor before entering into any commercial trade may remain an excellent option to consider.

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