#MyFirstBitcoin — Share How you Meet Your First Bitcoin

We will be launching #MyFirstBitcoin campaign for our crypto and bitcoin community to share their story with bitcoin. Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency that has brought to world attention, we want to know the story of how you get to know the largest cryptocurrency the first time, and share your story to the world.

The #MyFirstBitcoin Campaign will start from 10/11/2020, there is no end date for the campaign. Start from the campaign period, you can share the story of your first bitcoin on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MyFirstBitcoin.


– Follow our Twitter

– Retweet our twitter activity post

– Hashtag #MyFirstBitcoin with your personal story on Twitter or Instagram


You can submit your story in the form of text, image, or video. We will base on the creativity and originality of each work to select winner. We will announce 1 to 3 winner each week with total of 10 winners.

Chosen winners will have their story get shared on our social media platform and win 20 USDT!

Join now and share your story with #MyFirstBitcoin!

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