Introduction to Perpetual Contract – BTCC

BTCC perpetual contract is similar to futures. What makes them difference are the delivery days and settlement period.

Each contract represents 1 unit of the cryptocurrency. (for example, each BTC/USDT contract represents 1 BTC). Investors can Buy long or Sell short to profit from the rising or falling in price. The perpetual contracts at BTCC offer 10x/20x/50x/100x.”

Expiration time: There is no expiration date for perpetual contract. Investors can decide when to close position.

Index price: In order to ensure fairness in trading, BTCC uses the spot prices of many mainstream exchanges to generate real-time BTCC index price. Users can trade near the index price, and BTCC ensures that the transaction price is close to the global market without deviation;

Real-time settlement of Contract Trading: As long as user has closed all its positions, the unrealized profit and loss can be converted to realized profit and loss in real time, which offer a significant flexibility in capital use:

Forced Liquidation: When the net value is lower than the liquidation price, the order will be closed by system.

What is Physical Delivery Perpetual Contract?

BTCC cooperates with Mobi Wallet for storing BTC/ETH. When you close BTC/ETH position, you can choose the option of physically delivery. Physical delivery at BTCC based on the opening price. After the underlying asset of the derivative contract has been delivered, you can deposit/withdraw the asset to your own crypto wallet or stored the asset in Mobi Wallet.

Features of BTCC Perpetual Contract:


Provide 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x leverage

Perpetual contract has no expiration time

Support physical delivery

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