【Limit】1000 USDT Trading Bonus(Finished)

1000 USDT Trading Bonus

Available to All New Users

Increase profit opportunities, all profits can be withdrawn

Participants:All Global Users

Time: 2020/07/01 ~  2020/07/31 UTC+8

Contact BTCC 24/7 online customer service to sign up

Validity of borrowing USDT: After successful registration to 2020/08/31 UTC+8

Return time: Return USDT at the end of the event or return it before withdrawal

Activities: When the first deposit amount is >= 200 USDT, you can participate in this activity. According to the user deposit amount, BTCC provides interest-free USDT!

Interest-free borrowing details

First Deposit (USDT)















1. After depositing successfully during the event and meeting the conditions for participation, you need tocontact online customer service to sign up to be considered as a successful participant;

2. The loaned USDT can only be traded within the validity period, and cannot be withdrawn; the profits generated by the trading belong to the users, and the profits can be traded and withdrawn;

3' The loaned USDT will be returned on September 1st, 2020 (UTC+8), and the profit generated by users through the loaned USDT will not be affected;

4. During the validity period, if you need to withdraw USDT, it is considered to end the activity early. You need to contact online customer service to return USDT before normal withdrawal;

5. When returning, if the account funds are not enough to return the loaned USDT, there is no need for the user to make up the rest of it.

6. Apply for settlement within working days (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 UTC+8), the settlement will be completed on the day, and withdrawals can be made. All applications settled on non-working days will be settled on the next working day;

7. BTCC has the final interpretation right of this activity. If any illegal operation such as malicious lending is found, the user's activity qualification will be canceled.

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