Statement on How BTCC Will Handle Bitcoin Scalability Upgrades


We would like to clarify the following points with regards to how BTCC will deal with the implementation of the different scaling solutions currently being discussed in the bitcoin community:

  1. BTCC fully supports the New York Agreement (BTC1). The New York Agreement already has more than 80 percent of the network’s hashing power, and we hope that the community will reach consensus around this implementation of the bitcoin software.

  2. BTCC is actively participating in the testing and implementation of BTC1. We are upgrading our exchanges’ and pool wallets to BTC1 (1.14.4), and expect to complete these upgrades by Friday, July 21st, 2017. Our pool is currently signaling support for BTC1, and we will continue doing so.

  3. Our highest priority in the case of any hard fork will be protecting customers’ funds. We will work hard to put in place strong replay protection in case of a hard fork.

  4. In case of a hard fork, BTCC will give existing customers tokens on the minority chains based on how many tokens they have on the majority chain at the time of the hard fork. We will update users as the situation progresses.

  5. BTCC will always consider the longest valid chain (the version of bitcoin that has the most proof-of-work behind it) as bitcoin (BTC).

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