BTCC Disclosures


1.Internet Failures
Since the operation of the internet is beyond BTCC’s control, BTCC is unable to control the reception, routing of signals via the Internet, the configuration of user’s electronic equipment, and the reliability of its connection. BTCC is not responsible for communication failures, errors or delays caused by the Internet failure, including but not limited to: any loss caused by interruption of trading platform, missed trading opportunity and, wrong data.

2.Market Risks and Online Trading
BTCC will not give any directional investment recommendations to any users. Digital asset trading is an emerging industry with a bright future. However, new business also implies huge risks. Especially in leveraged trading, leverage magnifies both gains and loss. Please make sure to fully understand this industry, leverage trading mode, trading rules and other related issues before you participate in trading. Also, we strongly recommend users only trade within their acceptable risk range. Investors should note that all investments involve risks. Please refer to the risk disclosure statement for risk details. See the Risk Disclosure Statement for more details about risks. Although online trading could seem convenient and efficient, it does not necessarily reduce risks associated with margin trading. Therefore, User shall be prepared to bear such risks before trading.
3.Password Protection
User must keep passwords confidential and ensure that no Third Party can have access to its trading facilities. The user agrees to be responsible for all instructions sent by e-mail or electronic trading platform to BTCC or all instructions sent to BTCC by e-mail, electronic trading platform, telephone or in writing. Even if it is issued by a third party, these instructions have been authenticated with the user's password or user's signature and account number. Upon BTCC’s determination, it is believed that these instructions are the User's apparent authority. BTCC has no responsibility for further inquiry into such apparent authority and no liability for the consequences of any action or omission of BTCC in reliance upon such apparent authority. User shall be responsible solely for the confidentiality, security and use of his/her passwords. Once the user visits the BTCC website, logs in to the BTCC trading platform or uses any BTCC service, it represents that the user has confirmed and agreed to the service agreement of BTCC and this disclaimer.  
4.Quoting errors
If any quoting and/or execution error occurs, BTCC will not be liable for any resulting error in account balances. Such errors may include but not limited to a dealer's mistype of a quote, a quote not representative of international market prices, any wrong quote (such as one due to failure of hardware, software or communication lines or systems or inaccurate external Data provided by a Third Party). BTCC shall not be liable for account balances caused by such errors, and orders must be placed with sufficient time to execute, and for the system to calculate required margins. The execution or setting of orders placed too close to market prices may trigger other orders (for all order types) or a margin alert. BTCC will not be liable for the resulting margin alert, account balance or account position, because the system has not been given sufficient time to execute or calculate accordingly. The foregoing is not intended to be an exhaustive list and in case of a quoting or execution error. BTCC reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the account(s) involved. Any dispute arising from such quoting or execution error will be resolved by BTCC at its sole discretion. User agrees to indemnify and hold BTCC harmless against all resulting losses, damages or liabilities.
5.Price, Execution and Platform Manipulation
BTCC prohibits any form of manipulation of its prices, execution and platform strictly. If BTCC suspects that any account is being manipulated, BTCC reserves the right to investigate and review any account suspected of manipulation and to withhold funds suspected of being derived from such activity from the account involved. BTCC reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the account involved. In case of accounts suspected of manipulation, BTCC may ask the dealer to intervene or approve any order and/or terminate user’s account at BTCC’s sole discretion. Any dispute arising from such arbitrage and/or manipulation will be resolved by BTCC at its sole discretion. BTCC may report such incidents to any competent regulatory and law enforcement agency at its sole discretion. Any action or resolution stated herein will not prejudice or waive any right or remedy that BTCC may have against user and its employees.

6.User counter party-Market liquidity
There is no guarantee to the creditworthiness of the counter party of User. We will make every effort to deal with reputable, credit-worthy institutions and clearing houses. There may also be certain cases in which trading liquidity leads to trading halt, thereby preventing the closing of a deficient position that may cause substantial losses to the User. We will in no way be liable for any resulting loss.

7.Margin Policy
According to our margin policy, user may be required to provide additional funds to properly maintain its margin account and user is obligated to meet such margin requirements. Otherwise any open position may be closed automatically with a corresponding loss. We also reserve the right to refuse to accept any order or provide a market offset.
8.Unpredictable Risk
BTCC shall not be liable for all losses caused by the third party's failure to implement the BTCC service agreement due to factors that beyond BTCC's control. Unpredictable events include but not limited to: information network equipment maintenance, information network connection failure, computer, communication or other system failure, power failure, weather reason, accident, strike, terrorist act, riot, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, digital asset market collapse, government action, judicial or administrative order, or any situation beyond the reasonable control of BTCC.
9 .Third Party’s Information or Advice
We do not control or warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information or advice concerning traded products that the user may receive from anyone not employed by us (hereinafter referred to as “Third Party”), and we will in no way be liable for any loss to user resulting from the use of such information or advice.
10. Trading Authority and Account by a Third Party
If user grants trading authority or control over its account to a Third Party, whether on a discretionary basis or not, we will in no way be responsible for user's choice. BTCC will not make any statement or guarantee to the third party of the relevant transaction; BTCC will not be responsible for the loss caused to the user by any third party. If user gives its account to any third party authority, it does so at its own risk. If user give trading authority or control over its account to a third party without our consent, we have the right to cancel all or part of related transaction without prior notice.
11. Claims from Third Party
In case of any claim, lawsuit or fine arising from the user's own error or violation of local laws and regulations in using BTCC's website, trading platform or other services, the user agrees to hold harmless and indemnify BTCC against all liabilities, lawsuits or compensation that shall be borne by the user.
12. Laws and regulations
Users shall fully comply with the relevant local laws, included obtaining the consent of the government or relevant regulatory authorities via any other procedures in such region or jurisdiction, and paying any relevant local taxes, duties and other amounts due to transactions conducted on the BTCC platform. The execution of any transaction through our platform will be deemed to constitute a representation and warranty of user to us that such local laws and regulations have been complied with. In case of any doubt in this respect, User shall seek independent advice from legal advisors or other professionals before opening an account and commencing a trade.