BTCC Services Privacy Policy


I. The purpose of privacy policy making

BTCC privacy policy for personal data aims to protect the rights and interests of users in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. While using user data for the purpose of providing the best services, BTCC will pay close attention to the use of User data. Therefore, BTCC will ensure that its employees comply with the strict standards of safety and confidentiality stipulated by the law.

Users may provide their personal data anytime, either currently or in the future, personal data included name, address, personal financial information, and information collected by BTCC for the purpose of continuing normal business operation (collectively referred to as "Data" under this policy). BTCC's privacy provisions will be updated from time to time in accordance with legal reform, technological upgrading, and changes in BTCC's operation and practice, so as to ensure its continuous adaptability to the ever-changing environment. Please visit this website regularly to check for any changes.


II. Consent of users

To have confidence on BTCC to process personal data of users, users should carefully read and understand the provisions of this privacy policy. In particular, once a user logs into BTCC's website, no matter whether the user registers on the website or not, the user indicates to BTCC that he/she accepts, agrees, promises and confirms that:

1.The user voluntarily discloses his/her personal data to BTCC with the required consent;

2. The user will abide by all terms and restrictions of this privacy policy;

3. The user agrees that BTCC can collect information of user in the process of logging in, registering and/or using the services provided by BTCC; the User agrees to any modification of BTCC's privacy policy in the future;

4. The user agrees that BTCC's branches, subsidiaries and employees will send information about the products and services that might interest him/her (unless otherwise the user has indicated that he/she does not want to receive such messages).


III. Collected information

1. When the user uses this website, the user agrees that BTCC will start to use cookies to track every action of the user, collect and store all the information left by the user, including but not limited to the user’s IP address, geographical location and other information.

2. If the User agrees to use the services provided by this website, the User needs to fill in and provide the following two kinds of information:

A. Identity information. This information can help BTCC to verify whether the user is eligible to register as a user of this website, including but not limited to the user ’s name, your residential address, mailing address, other ID certificates issued by the user’s country or government, related numbers and all other information that will help BTCC to verify the identity of the user (collectively referred to as "Identity Information").

B. Service information. This information helps BTCC to contact and smoothly provide services to users, including but not limited to user’s telephone number, fax number, valid email address, mailing address, user’s debit card information and/or other account information (collectively, the "Service Information").

3. When users use this website or the services provided by it, BTCC may try to improve the operation of this website, enhance the user’s experience of using this website, services and security, or, according to court or applicable law regulations or orders of other government authorities with jurisdiction, to collect more necessary information through the specified mailboxes announced on BTCC website or other methods deemed acceptable by BTCC.

If the user visits any third-party website listed on this site or any link to a third party partner, the user shall agree and comply with the separate and independent privacy policy of that third-party network. BTCC assumes no responsibility for the content and activities of such sites or partners.

IV. The Use of Information

BTCC holds user’s personal data, and if the user agrees, BTCC (subject to compliance with this regulation) may use this personal data for the following purposes:

1. All personal data collected by BTCC is intended for use by BTCC in its business operations and other relevant activities only;

2. BTCC is committed to ensuring the safety of its website in compliance with industry standards, and adopting other data protection tools, such as firewalls, authentication systems (e.g. passwords and personal identification numbers) and control mechanisms to control unauthorized systems' access to the website, as well as data access and storage;

3. BTCC will store the personal data of users confidentially to protect the personal data of users from being stolen. BTCC employees will also respect the privacy of users and will never disclose any information to unauthorized persons;

4. User may review and modify his/her personal data stored by BTCC from time to time;

5. The user agrees that BTCC will disclose all information (and other information) of the user to the regulators and other government authorities in accordance with any laws or regulations of the regulators;

6. BTCC may install and access cookies on the user’s computer to assist BTCC in analyzing the results of relevant marketing campaigns. BTCC and its employees may use cookies in BTCC products and services to track how the user browses the BTCC website. The information collected and shared is anonymous and cannot be identified individually;

7. When the user agrees that BTCC provides services to them, BTCC may authorize some companies that are not affiliated with BTCC to use the user’s personal information, including companies that assist BTCC to provide convenient platform services to users, preparing and mailing monthly statements, and execute necessary maintenance and development work. BTCC requires these companies to keep related personal data confidential.


V. Disclaimer

In order to ensure the information security of users, BTCC has always been committed to implementing strict security measures. However, BTCC cannot guarantee the security of information transmission over the Internet are 100% safe. Therefore, the user agrees that BTCC may be exempted from any responsibility in the following circumstances after taking reasonable security measures, including but not limited to information being leaked, damaged, or misused, accessed or disclosed in an unauthorized manner.

VI. Use of Third-Party SDKs

Some functions of BTCC are using the SDK of the third-party company. The Company has the right to use the SDK of the third-party company. However, BTCC will not be responsible for any security problems caused by the third-party SDK. The use of the SDK and the terms of the third-party companies are listed below.

1. The social sharing function uses the services provided by Shanghai Youkun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Mobtech" or "We"), which privacy policy can be viewed on its website (