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-To activate the withdrawal function, you need to deposit at least 100 USDT


-BTCC provides two kinds of USDT withdrawal services for public links of ERC-20 and OMNI.


-ERC-20 Minimum withdrawal amount: 10 USDT


-OMNI. Minimum withdrawal amount: 10 USDT


-Upper limit of single withdrawal: 10,000 USDT


-When withdrawing, please make sure to enter the correct USDT address for withdrawal. The assets cannot be recovered once transferred mistakenly on the chain.


-BTCC will open and close withdrawal on the public links of ERC-20 and OMNI from time to time according to the congestion on the chain. For example, in case of BTC network congestion, the OMNI-USDT recharging portal will be closed temporarily to improve the withdrawal experience.


-Opening hours for withdrawal:

Monday to Friday: 09:30am-21:30pm (UTC + 8)

Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday: 09:30am-21:30pm (UTC + 8)