How to Deposit Crypto

btcc.comBTCC Support2 years ago

1. What is a Crypto Deposit


By making a crypto deposit, you are putting the crypto you have into your BTCC account. If you would like to deposit cryptocurrencies, please follow the guide below.

2. How to Make a Crypto Deposit on the BTCC App


Step 1

Tap Deposit on the home page.



Step 2

Select the crypto you want to deposit. USDT will be used as an example here for demonstration.




Step 3

Select the network of the crypto you are depositing. TRC20 will be chosen as an example here.

⚠️Important: Choosing the wrong network may result in the loss of assets. Please ensure sure the network you select is the same as the one you will choose on the withdrawal platform.



Step 4

Tap Take a screenshot/Copy address to save your deposit address. Then leave the BTCC app for now.

Go to your personal wallet or other platforms. Go to the Withdraw/Withdrawal page and select the same crypto and network as chosen on the BTCC app, in which case it will be USDT-TRC20.

Paste the deposit address or import the address QR code and confirm your withdrawal. Please note that each platform may have different withdrawal procedures. Please follow their instructions accordingly.

⚠️ Important: Please read the Tips listed on the BTCC deposit page before proceeding.



Step 5

You’ve completed what you need to do for a crypto deposit. Now you just have to wait for your deposit to arrive.

The time it takes for deposits to arrive may vary between different exchanges and blockchain networks. If your deposit hasn’t arrived in a timely manner, please contact the customer support of your withdrawal platform.


3. Deposit FAQs


Q1: Does BTCC charge deposit fees?

BTCC does not charge any deposit fees. However, there might be fees charged by your withdrawal platform/wallet address (if any) and gas fees (if any). All these fees will be reflected in the actual deposit amount received in your BTCC account.


Q2: What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount varies across cryptocurrencies. For the latest information, please refer to the Tips section on the deposit page of each crypto on the BTCC app.


Q3: What happens if you deposit less than the minimum required?

Please refer to the FAQ What if I deposited less than the minimum deposit requirement?

Q4: How long does it take for deposits to arrive?

Please refer to the FAQ How long does it take for deposits to arrive?

Q5: What if I deposited to the wrong address?

Please refer to the FAQ Deposits made to the wrong address.