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Market Statistics

Market Cap$0.00
24h Volume$1.48M
Circulating Amount$924.20M
Price Change (1h)-0.33%
Price Change (24h)+0.58%
Price Change (7 days)-5.85%

About Sapphire (SAPP)

Sapphire (SAPP) is a coin from doers for doers.

It will be used in the real economy as a stable means of payment and will be issued only to trustworthy partners who bring added value to the project.

The SAPP developers are aware of the frustrations of early tech adopters and fruitless ICOs and IEOs. They always approach any problems that arise with a clear, precise goal in mind.

The goal is to have a coin that is easy to use, ensures fast payment transfers, is used and wanted, and most importantly, lives and breathes with its community.


The Ecosystem

The SAPP developers reverse the usual procedure of cryptocurrency. Most coin developers have great technical ideas but no real business concept. Profits are only realized through speculation and not through value creation. This must fail in the long run.

The current developers of the SAPP Coin come from the real economy and adapt the coin exactly for this.

Stability, money supply control and real value creation are the essential parameters. Interfaces are created so that the coin can be used for real purchase processes while complying with all laws.


The Community

At the same time, the developers work together with the community that has grown up around the coin.

Their support is rewarded through various reward programs:

– Interest on Coins Saved (Proof of Stake)
– Compensation for the provision of hardware (Masternodes)
– Improvement suggestions (Bounties)
– Support through contributions (Rewards)

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