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Market Statistics

Market Cap$785.04M
24h Volume$5.34M
Circulating Amount$789.88M
Price Change (1h)+0.09%
Price Change (24h)+0.28%
Price Change (7 days)+1.07%

About Neutrino USD (USDN)

Neutrino USD (USDN) is an algorithmic crypto-collateralized stablecoin on the Waves platform pegged to the US dollar. All operations involving USDN, such as issuance, collateralization, staking, and reward payouts, are transparent and governed by a smart contract.


The maximum capitalization and supply of USDN is limited by the maximum possible capitalization of WAVES tokens. USDN generation is made possible by a system of smart contracts and is carried out manually by Neutrino users. There has been no pre-allocation or premining of this token. The decrease of USDN supply is also controlled by the users themselves. Any account on the Waves platform can become a Neutrino user. On cryptocurrency exchanges, this token tends to have an average price of one US dollar. Any deviation from $1 is compensated by the arbitration mechanisms described in the next chapters.


Where Can Neutrino USD Be Traded?

You can trade USDN on Waves.Exchange and KuCoin. Popular trading pairs for Neutrino USD in the market includes USDN/USD, USDN/CAD, USDN/EUR, USDN/PHP, USDN/INR, and USDN/IDR.

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