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Why is it called a bear market?

The terms “bear” and “bull” are thought to derive from how each animal behaves. Bulls charge, so the nickname represents a surging stock market. In contrast, bears hibernate, so bears represent a market that’s retreating. What Lasts Longer, a Bull Market or a Bear Market?

What is the difference between a bull market and a bear market?

A bull market occurs when stock market indexes are rising, eventually hitting new highs. Historically, bull markets tend to last longer than bear markets. Bear and bull markets can affect investor confidence and behavior. At the most basic level, a bear market describes times when stock prices fall, and a bull market is when they’re going up.

Should you buy or sell in a bear market?

That means you should usually buy in a bear market and sell in a bull market; however, we generally see investors flocking to equity markets in a bull run and can exit only during the next bull run to make profit from their investments. Most of the time, investors lose their confidence and exit in the bear market itself by booking losses.

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