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What are round ups & how do they work?

What Are Round Ups? Round ups are a feature offered by some financial services companies that capture the spare change from each of your purchases and deposit that change into your savings or investment account. Most advisors recommend setting aside a predetermined portion of your income each month to be put towards your future.

What is a round up investment app?

Round ups can be offered as an individual round up investment app, or as a feature on your existing finance app. Some people may decide to opt for a different company to manage their roundup investments altogether, while others may want to stick with their original bank.

What is round-up investing?

Round-up investing is essentially an upgraded version of the same thing. Round up savings apps make it easy to save and improve your finances. Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned saver, they can be a great addition to an overall financial strategy. Take a look at the top benefits of round-ups.

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