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What is volume analysis?

By analyzing trends in volume in conjunction with price movements, investors can determine the significance of changes in a security's price. Volume analysis involves examining relative or absolute changes in an asset's trading volume to make inferences about future price movements.

What is the webull analysis feature?

The Webull Analysis feature starts with the classic Analyst ratings and price targets. Just like many trading or investing tools, it provides a summary of how analysts think the stock may performing in the near future. We are all too familiar with this information as depicted in the image below.

How to analyze stock volume?

How To Analyze Stock Volume Relative Volume indicator is a quick way to find out if a stock attracting higher volume. A strategy can then be established using relative volume which is defined as the current volume divided by the average daily volume. Values above 0.5 are a good starting point.

Why should you use webull charts?

Webull charts keep improving with new features so that traders can make better and effective decisions. Having the ability to quickly perform technical analysis is key for traders either on the GO or behind their desktop.

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