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What is an attribution bias?

An attribution bias is a cognitive (thought) bias that refers to the systematic errors that a person makes when they try to find reasons for their own behaviors and motivations as well as the behaviors and motivations of others. It's normal for people to make attributions (reasons or excuses) for behavior, their own or others.

What is value attribution?

Value attribution is the inclination to imbue a person or thing with certain qualities based on perceived value. Bell was dressed in a baseball cap and a long-sleeved T-shirt. He opened his violin case and took out his $3.5 million violin, threw a few dollars in the case to encourage others, as thousands of other street musicians have done before.

What is self-serving attribution bias?

This is a form of self-serving attribution bias, but instead of enabling us to view ourselves in a positive light compared to other individuals, it enables us to view the groups to which we belong positively compared to other groups.

Does hostile attribution bias affect aggression?

Research has indicated that there is an association between hostile attribution bias and aggression, such that people who are more likely to interpret someone else's behavior as hostile are also more likely to engage in aggressive behavior. See the previous section on aggression for more details on this association.

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