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What is value area?

Value area is the price range where 70% of the trading volume occurred. The Volume Profile value is constructed of 3 parts: Value Area High VAH. Value Area Low VAL. Point of Control VPOC. The Point of Control Trading Strategy (POC) shows the single price level at which the most amount of volume was traded.

What is value area high (Vah)?

The Value Area High (VAH) is the upper boundary of the value area. It is the highest price level within the range where traders have agreed upon the most value, and it signifies the top of the most traded region in a specific time frame. Traders view the VAH as a potential resistance level when prices approach it from below.

What is value area high?

The Value Area High is also sometimes know as the Upper Value Area. This value can be calculated using the Market Profile Calculator. Values for popular futures contracts are calculated daily and posted in the Market Profile Forum . Do you have a trading or investing definition for our dictionary?

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