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Does trubrain really work?

Bottom line: TruBrain serves up a range of transparent nootropic blends that are easy to drink and integrate into your daily routine. Their formulas won’t turbocharge your brain, but they will impact cognitive function and your ability to focus more clearly. I dread 3pm. As a writer, staying crisp and clear-headed is hugely valuable to me.

Does trubrain have a focus stick?

Other additions to their product line are Brüd: ‘focus sticks’ which you add to your coffee to improve focus. As well as the drink-shots, TruBrain also comes in capsule form. Unsurprisingly there has been plenty of media coverage of TruBrain.

Where can I buy trubrain?

You can buy TruBrain online or on Amazon. What’s the Cost of TruBrain? TruBrain is a fairly expensive nootropic option, especially if you don’t opt for the subscription model. It is available in different size boxes, either 20 (for $49 per month), 30 (for $65) or 60 (for $125).

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