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How to read futures charts?

If you want to know how to read futures charts, start with candlesticks. When looking at bars or candlesticks, each will show the opening and closing prices as well as the highs and lows for that time period. The top line (or where the wick ends) is the high. And the top of the candle is the open if red and close if green.

What is a continuous futures chart?

Continuous futures charts categorize futures into current, near, and far months, rather than plotting charts for a specific month. Since all futures contracts expire within three months, historical charts provide a maximum of three months of available data.

How is barchart's Futures Markets page organized?

When visiting Barchart’s Futures Markets page, you will see all the futures and commodities quotes are well-organized in a one page format and separated by categories.

What are futures & how do they work?

Instead, futures are primarily used as a means to allow market participants to control the price risk associated with the underlying asset. Hedgers in the futures market should seek contracts that closely align with the characteristics of the underlying asset to minimize the risk associated with a mismatched hedge.

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