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Will the end of the world happen in 2029 or 2036?

End of the world will not be happening in 2029 or 2036 according to NASA. Fans of the end of the world will have to wait just a bit longer to start cheering. NASA has just released information that the world will not be ending in an explosion caused by an asteroid in 2029 or 2036.

What's happening in London in 2022?

More... … It’s a blockbuster week for the economy, with a series of set-piece events that will help define the rest of 2022, as Londoners brace for a tough winter with a recession already potentially underway. Next up is headline inflation, which takes the spotlight again on Wednesday at 7am.

What is token2049?

See you at the next TOKEN2049. TOKEN2049 is the premier crypto event in Europe. Join us to explore cryptoassets and blockchain-based tokens as they reshape the global economy.

What is China 2049?

This policy brief draws from a forthcoming edited volume — “China 2049: Economic Challenges of a Rising Global Power” (Brookings Institution Press, May 2020) — which is the result of a collaborative effort among economists from China’s Peking University and the Brookings Institution.

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