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Is there a stock market forecast for the next five years?

A stock market forecast for the next five years can be a difficult thing to deliver. Although it is true that the markets have a life cycle – meaning there’s often some predictability to their performance – it’s impossible to account for unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime events. The coronavirus pandemic fits well into this category.

What are Fitch's long-term stock market predictions for 2020?

Globally, the credit ratings agency Fitch now believes that GDP is going to take a 1.9 per cent hit in 2020 – a stark revision of the 1.3 per cent growth it predicted in March. So… how do things look when it comes to long-term stock market predictions?

How did the stock market perform in April?

The U.S. stock market gained modestly in April as investors nervously wondered if the banking crisis was over or not and awaited a final Federal Reserve interest rate hike. The S&P 500 rose 1.4% in April, thanks in part to more signs that inflation is cooling off, adding to the sense that the current interest rate hike cycle was coming to an end.

Why do we talk about the short term forecast?

We talk about the short term forecast because it colors the long term views. The sooner the economy passes through this turbulent period, the quicker it is to recover and spawn a positive 5 to 10 year outlook. Yes, the China and Russia conflict growing will be a drag on what would be a strong recovery.

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