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Does uniswap set a spending cap?

Uniswap set spending cap? Hey OP, this spending cap is not being enforced by Uniswap, it's MetaMask wallet. Before you can swap a token, you need to approve the token first and some token approvals are unlimited meaning the dapp can access all of those tokens. MetaMask allows you to set a spending cap.

What is a uniswap approval transaction?

The approval transaction allows the Uniswap Protocol permission to swap the token you granted approval for from your wallet. You have to complete an approval transaction for every token you want to swap using the Uniswap Protocol. If you are having trouble approving a token see our article, " Approval transaction troubleshooting ”.

How do I change the approved spending limit on uniswap?

Eg USDT would be listed as " (POS) Tether USD", Uniswap Protocol: Permit2, and an approved amount. To change the approved spending limit, you need to connect your wallet, so make sure you are on the official site. Click on the corresponding "edit" icon on the last column under "Revoke". You should get a popup window "Revoke Approval".

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