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What is a NFT platform?

In contrast to platforms such as Spotify and Netflix, which provide unlimited digital content for a subscription fee, NFT platforms are built around the idea that just like physical content, digital content too can be scarce — that is, limited in quantity — and can therefore be meaningfully owned and traded.

Is ordinals marketplace a safe platform to buy NFTS?

Ordinals Marketplace is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for buying and selling Ordinal NFTs in a safe manner. That said, it’s still in the beta phase so there will be plenty of updates to come. To stay on top of these updates, make sure you follow Ordinals Marketplace on Twitter and join their Discord channel.

Should you build your own NFT marketplace?

Specifically, while some sellers have opted to build their own NFT marketplaces, most have found that a partnership with a third-party platform is more feasible, as it can reduce upfront costs, offer access to a larger existing customer base, and provide valuable add-on services such as marketing, legal, and technical support.

How to mint ordinal NFT?

Once you have your transaction fee bitcoin secured in your wallet, you can start minting your Ordinal NFT. Here’s the step-by-step I used to mint my first Ordinal using Gamma. You could also use something like OrdinalsBot and the process would be more or less the same. Choose your inscription type, either an image file or just plain text.

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