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How do I connect my phone to opera?

Tap Scan QR Code (you may be asked to allow Opera to access the camera). From your Opera browser for computers, open My Flow in Opera’s sidebar and click Connect Your Phone or Reveal the QR code. Scan the revealed QR code with your phone. Your phone and computer will connect.

What is Opera GX mobile?

With Opera GX mobile, we are making sure that you have a browser that offers you a superior web experience and lets you follow the latest news about your favorite games on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and every other platform you enjoy. So, back to the features and assets of Opera GX mobile.

How do I use flow in Opera GX mobile?

Enter the Flow feature in Opera GX mobile. Pop open a QR code in your desktop GX browser and scan it with GX mobile. That’s it! Now you can send files, links, pictures, notes, tutorials, walkthroughs – just about anything you want – between your browsers.

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