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What indices are available for futures trading?

We offer all the world’s major indices for futures trading, including the FTSE 100, Wall Street (based on the price of the Dow Jones), the Germany 40 (based on the price of the DAX) and more. If you choose to trade futures with spread bets or CFDs, this amounts to over 80 global indices.

How do index futures work?

Traditionally, index futures were only for institutional traders buying and selling futures contracts directly by accessing the market via a broker. Now, you too can access and discover this form of trading with spread bets and contracts for difference (CFDs), speculating on price movements of index futures.

When do futures expire?

Futures are identified by their expiration month. For example, a December gold futures contract expires in December. Traders and investors use the term futures in reference to the overall asset class. However, there are many types of futures contracts available for trading including:

What are futures prices?

These prices reflect the market sentiment and a general attitude of traders and investors toward a specific stock or currency. In the table below, you may sort the futures by price, change % and other parameters using various timeframes within the expiration period. 6A1!

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