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How does the Futures calculator work?

Our Futures Calculator empowers you to swiftly calculate the potential profit or loss on a futures trade. This user-friendly tool is designed to assist you in determining your potential gains or losses on a trade. Fill out the fields below and the system will calculate the potential pnl of your futures trade. 1. What are futures contracts?

What types of futures does kwenta offer?

Kwenta currently offers sUSD-margined Futures. These Futures contracts offer the following: Settlement in sUSD-pegged assets are denominated and settled in sUSD. Pricing: Each Futures contract specifies the base assets quantity delivered for a single contract, also known as "Contract Unit."

What is the outstanding futures contract calculator?

The outstanding futures contract calculator helps you determine your profit or loss, whether you are long or short in the futures market. This article will cover what a futures contract is, how futures contracts work, and explore a real-life transaction. As a bonus, we'll compare forward vs. future contracts and futures contracts vs. options.

How do you calculate the price of a WTI futures contract?

The price of a WTI futures contract is quoted in dollars per barrel. The minimum tick size is $0.01. If the current price of WTI futures is $54, the current value of the contract is determined by multiplying the current price of a barrel of oil by the size of the contract. In this example, the current value would be $54 x 1000 = $54,000.

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