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What are image generation models?

In recent years, the field of computer vision has made tremendous progress, and with it, the development of image generation models. These models are capable of creating new images based on a set of input parameters.

What is the difference between image generation and video generating?

Video Generation is more complex comparing to images generation while the method is dedicated to produce an image sequence instead of generating one image. Because of that, video generating is one of the attractive and challenging topics.

What is panoramic image generation?

Panoramic Image Generation: a number of images from many field of view (FOV) taken from different angles can be represented by a panoramic images. To do that many methods has been proposed like measuring the similarity between some regions of the image and then collect these images in one image.

What is sketch-to-image generation?

The method consist of converting the cartoon images to images that have the same pixel-Art representation. Sketch-to-Image Generation is the operation of generating realistic images from sketch images. The application of this technique can be used for generate cartoon images, face images from their sketch images, etc.

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