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What is canola futures?

Canola Futures. Description. The canola futures contract is the world benchmark for canola trading. The contract prices physical delivery of canola seed free-on-board trucks or rail cars in the par delivery region in Saskatchewan.

Why trade canola with ice?

Canadian supply is the most influential price determinant for the crop and ICE Canola is the global benchmark contract for price discovery. Strong price convergence, growing volume and growing open interest have made the ICE’s Canola futures and options contracts critical hedging and investment tools in the oilseeds sector.

Why did the icefc change the contract months of canola futures?

Over the years, the ICEFC has amended the contract months of canola futures that are traded. One of the goals of these changes was to increase volume or liquidity in the canola futures market. A market that is more liquid, or fluid, is more attractive to all traders whether they are hedgers or speculators.

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