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Should a man wait until retirement to get a gold watch?

No man should need to wait until retirement to get a gold watch, traditions be damned. What else are you going to wear with a dinner jacket? Steel?! For shame. No, in formal situations – or any situation past 6 o’clock really – gold watches are the only real way to go.

Where did the gold retirement watch really start?

So where did the gold “retirement watch” really start? As far as we can tell in the United States the tradition of giving gold watches originated back in the 1940s with Pepsi Co. It was a symbol of “you gave us your time, now we are giving you ours”. Back then, the watches were traditionally 18kt gold.

Do you get a watch when you retire?

When an employee gives long service to a company – back when this actually happened – they might be gifted a watch on their retirement, a tradition said to have been started by Pepsi Co. in the 1940s. Crucially, the watch was almost always in gold. The Omega Ultra-Thin gifted to JFK before he won the presidency.

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