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What is the interplay between the price of crude oil futures?

The interplay between the price of Crude Oil futures and the strike price of the option determines whether the option is at-the-money, in-the-money or out-of-the-money. The strike price is the price at which a futures option can be bought or sold.

What is crude oil futures & options?

The crude oil futures and options markets are global and are the most liquid and actively traded commodities contracts in the world. The forward-term structure in crude oil is largely influenced by supply/demand, storage costs and production estimates. This results in the market’s expectation of a more continuous price evolution.

What's happening in the crude oil futures market?

CME Group’s flash data for Crude Oil futures markets noted traders added nearly 22K contracts to their open interest positions on Wednesday, extending the multi-week uptrend for yet another session. In the same line, volume rose for the third session in a row, now by around 141.6K contracts.

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