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What is the FTSE 100 dividend yield?

Current FTSE 100 yield: 3.50% BP. NG. BA. RR. AV. SN. UU. JD. TW. Click the yield details link or see FTSE 100 ex-dividend date page. This is based on the current share price and the total dividends declared in the previous 12 month period. In general, the dividend declaration date is used as the cut off date.

Are FTSE 100 Dividend Shares still a good investment?

Despite all the turmoil in the UK economy and the stock market in general,several FTSE 100 dividend shares are still rewarding loyal investors. As of July, the index was delivering a yield of 3.7%.

What is the FTSE UK Dividend+ Index?

The FTSE UK Dividend+ Index selects the top 50 stocks by one-year forecast dividend yield, and the constituents’ weightings within the index are determined by their dividend yield as opposed to market capitalisation. The index is designed for use in the creation of index tracking funds, derivatives and as a performance benchmark.

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