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What is the actual feeder cattle price?

For months in which a CME Group feeder cattle futures contract expires, the actual feeder cattle price is the simple average of the daily settlement prices in the last three trading days prior to the contract expiration date, expressed in dollars per hundredweight.

Are feeder cattle markets adjusting to higher costs?

“Cash feeder cattle markets continue to adjust to higher feed costs, partly in terms of general price levels but particularly in the relative prices of lightweight and heavy feeder cattle,” Peel says. “The flattening of the price line across weights translates into higher value of gain potential for added feeder cattle weight gain.”

What is the feeder cattle market?

The feeder cattle market is like any other, with a number of factors that influence it. Typical classes are feeder steers, bulls, Holsteins and heifers. Animals are then classified by their frame size and muscling. Steers ranging from 1,100 pounds to 1,250 pounds are expected to grade U.S. Choice.

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