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What is Datafarm?

DataFarm is collecting geolocated farm’s agronomic data to identify limiting agronomic factors and reduce the gap between the potential yield and the actual yield. eProd Solutions is providing technology solutions for the agricultural sector allowing to estimate farmer produce food safety and nutritional value.

Why is CAD considered a commodity currency?

The CAD is considered to be a commodity currency because of its exporting of natural resources which makes it sensitive to investors' outlooks on global economic growth. CADCHF LOGS Broke out of consolidation / break of downward trendline Tapped back into the demand zone to retest and grabbed the liquidity from the initial break.

Is cadchf trading in a rectangular channel?

CADCHF RECTANGLE CHANNEL CADCHF is currently trading within a rectangular channel, marked by boundaries of support and resistance levels. The Upper Trend Line Breakout is at 0.68317, and the Lower Trend Line Breakout is at 0.64586.

Is cadchf in a bullish trend?

CAD CHF-Bullish Trend After bearish trend, CADCHF is in bullish trend. The pair is marking HH and HL.After bearish trend, CADCHF is in bullish trend. The pair is marking HH and HL. CADCHF - Triangle Pattern Possible breakout after non-directional ranging activity.

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