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What is the farm-level analysis network?

To date, the Farm-Level Analysis Network has contributed to a number of OECD projects and analytical papers on topics ranging from farm support, income and size distribution to factors driving farm productivity and sustainability to risk management. They can be access below.

Why do I need a 3D model of my farm?

This will help determine the climate control system and strategy required to maintain ideal growing conditions. We will draft a 3D model of your farm for visualization purposes. These models are used to understand key elements and activities in the farm and can be used for internal and external purposes. Models are provided in .skp or .dwg format.

What is farm analytics?

Farm analytics integrate these large amounts of data with other information such as weather conditions and pricing models available in the cloud to bring multiple data sets together in a single structure. This creates the opportunity to compare, track trends, and find unique patterns in the data to help identify lucrative opportunities.

Do farms have access to individual data for Policy Analysis?

Access to individual data for policy analysis can be complicated. As farms share the characteristics of both households and firms, access to individual data requires specific procedures, which often differ by country and type of data, to ensure the respect of confidentiality.

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