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How much does farmland cost in Australia?

The median price of Australian farmland jumped by 20 per cent in 2021 to $7,087 per hectare – the largest year-on-year increase in dollar terms in the past 27 years and the largest rise in percentage terms since 2005, according to the Australian Farmland Values 2022 report released today.

How long has Audley Farm been a part of American history?

For over 250 years, Audley Farm has been a part of American History. Audley was founded in 1749 when Lord Fairfax granted a 3,000 acre estate to Colonel George William Fairfax.

How many hectares of farmland are traded a year?

The report draws on more than 270,000 transactions, accounting for 327 million hectares of land traded with a combined value of $183 billion since 1995. Broadly speaking, the report notes that demand for farmland is largely the product of a combination of agricultural commodity prices, seasonal conditions and interest rates.

Why did farmland prices rise in 2021?

The growth in the index was driven by increased livestock, canola, wool and cotton prices. “Despite a strong rise in commodity prices, the median price of farmland increased at an even stronger rate in 2021,” the report notes.

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