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What is the Australian Agricultural forecasting system (AAFS)?

The Australian Agricultural Forecasting System (AAFS) is the system that ABARES uses to produce forecasts for Australia’s agricultural markets. Although AAFS has been in development and use since 1945, this is the first time that it has been documented.

Can a scenario approach predict the future of Australian agriculture?

ABARES is trialling a scenario approach to provide insights into the future state of Australian agriculture. Published 3 March 2020. This paper reports on the results of an update to the way ABARES calculates the farmers' terms of trade (FToT) indicators.

How much will Australian agriculture be worth next financial year?

"We are expecting the gross value of agricultural production to fall by around 6 per cent to $76 billion next financial year," he said. That would be the second-highest-value year on record and short of the government-endorsed industry goal to make Australian agriculture a $100 billion sector by 2030.

How will the Aud perform in the future?

It's extremely difficult to predict how any currency pair will perform in the future. Inflation, interest rate hikes and the threat of a recession all have the potential to impact currency values here and overseas, while economic developments in China can also have a significant effect on the AUD's performance.

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