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What is a farm audit?

The Farm Audit identifies all the key objectives of sustainable farming, it does this by focusing on the key criteria or objectives set out by the IFOAM Standards and then aims to select indicators for each criterion which can be measured, or some meaningful assessment made and graded accordingly, of the degree to which the farm is sustainable.

What is farm performance analysis?

Farm performance analysis through making farm comparisons is based on the idea of benchmarking. Benchmarking is a practice of identifying those farmers who are the best at doing something and understanding how they do it in order to learn from them and improve farm performance. Their performance is set as a standard or benchmark for other farmers.

How is Amu calculated at farm-level?

Data analysis is conducted to establish the farm-level AMU. Three important aspects of this calculation exist: selection of unit of measurement (UM), the animal population at risk (or denominator) and the indicator ( Tables 1 and 2 ). Overview of count- and dose-based indicators calculated by different systems for analyzing AMU at farm-level.

What is the farm-level analysis network?

To date, the Farm-Level Analysis Network has contributed to a number of OECD projects and analytical papers on topics ranging from farm support, income and size distribution to factors driving farm productivity and sustainability to risk management. They can be access below.

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