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What makes anonymous artists unique?

Today, there are several anonymous artists who don’t reveal their identities and this is what makes them unique. Speaking of great examples of how writers adopted pseudonyms, Agatha Christie often wrote under the name of Mary Westmacott while CS Lewis adopted the pen name of Clive Hamilton and NW Clerk. Even famous painters hopped on to this idea.

Who are the most famous anonymous street artists?

While perhaps the most famous of these anonymous artists is Banksy—whose work is all but priceless—there are many who follow the same path . . . while others have simply had their names lost to the centuries. All that’s known about the street artist Above is that he’s in his mid-twenties and is a native of Northern California.

What does anonymity mean for artists?

For many artists, the creation of art is about attaching a lasting legacy to their name. But for some, anonymity means more than having their names and faces associated with what they do; they’re more than happy to fade into the background and let the work speak for itself.

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