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Should you invest in esports betting?

Investors can seek to either directly invest with betting operators during funding rounds, seek to partner with esports betting sites heavily invested into esports or simply start learning the intricacies of esports betting as a growing market. Non-gamers might expect that the mobile gaming industry is far overshadowed by PC and console gaming.

What is esports & why is it so popular?

In reality, the world of competitive video gaming is a fast-growing international phenomenon with millions of fans and billions of dollars up for grabs. Streaming services and live events have turned casual gamers into serious stars who can sometimes rake in seven-figure earnings and massive brand endorsements. Don't know what eSports are?

Are Esports and gaming still a viable industry?

Explore the case studies and major takeaways in this report. While popular streamers such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have dominated the public discourse on eSports and gaming over the past year, an indication of the staying power of the industry and its future potential is the underlying story of investment dollars into space.

What should investors look for in a game company?

For example, investors could look at companies with ties to major games, such as Tencent Holdings (OTC Pink: TCEHY ,HKEX:0700); it owns a 40 percent stake in Epic Games, the maker of smash-hit Fortnite, and also owns Riot Games, whose flagship product is League of Legends.

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