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What is esports crypto betting?

eSports crypto betting is a cryptocurrency betting placed on eSports matches. Betting on eSports using cryptocurrency has become popular because it is secure, anonymous, and fast. Users can bet using real money or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Which esports Orgs have adopted cryptocurrencies?

Since then, numerous orgs have attached themselves to the rapidly-growing crypto market. Ninjas in Pyjamas launched an NFT collection in November 2021, while India-based Stalwart Esports made a name for itself by becoming the first org to fully switch to cryptocurrencies.

Is cryptocurrency the future of sports?

"Cryptocurrency has a well-established worldwide community and is going to be a major part of the sports, media and entertainment industries," said Warriors President Brandon Schneider in a statement.

How are blockchain and cryptocurrencies changing the esports industry?

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is evolving rapidly, and it’s only natural that the eSports industry will take advantage of new technologies. Most bookmakers in the eSports niche are very similar, so they are always looking for new ways to attract more players.

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