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What is a futures chart & how does it work?

Essentially, it is a chart which adjoins all the near-month contracts’ data in a single continuous futures chart so that traders can get a better perspective of the price action in the instrument in the past and present.

What is futures price data?

The data encompasses most major contracts on US futures exchanges dating back to the 1970’s. All daily historical futures price data is in ASCII/text format easily imported into most spreadsheets or trading software products. Date, open, high, low, close, volume and open interest are columns.

What is the difference between intraday and continuous futures charts?

Intraday historical data on the charts is available starting from 1 minute timeframe. Continuous futures is available by default. You will not need to load them as such. Continuous futures charts combine previous and current near-month contracts and reduce the price gaps which are caused due to time premium in futures.

What is a futures date?

The futures date is a realistic due date based on the current data. There are situations where you may choose not to use a futures date. It may be possible to expedite lead times by other means. For example, an item that is usually sent by truck could be air-freighted instead to reduce the lead time.

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