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What is the current value of platinum?

Yes, while rarer and arguably a more practical natural resource for everyday items and tools that we use, platinum is actually cheaper than gold. Today, the platinum spot price is at $989.45/t oz, while the gold spot price is at $1,925.18/t oz. Current platinum prices per ounce are near half of gold’s cost.

What is the current price of platinum per ounce?

Platinum Price Now Change; Platinum Price per Ounce: $924.87-8.60: Platinum Price ...

Is platinum worth more than gold?

Throughout history platinum has tended to be more expensive than gold and is generally considered to be the most valuable metal of the two. This has changed in the past decade however, with gold typically higher per ounce vs platinum. Culturally, there is a hierarchy amongst the precious metals which roughly translates into their material value.

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