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What is a pound to Euro forecast?

A Pound to Euro forecast is an expectation of the exchange rate at a point in the future. That could be days, months or even years away. Exchange rate forecasts are helpful when deciding the right time to exchange your money. Will the Pound get stronger against the Euro in 2024?

What is the average pound to euro rate?

The Average for the Pound to Euro rate has been €1.1509. The High for the Pound to Euro rate was €1.2106 (14 Apr 22). The Low for the Pound to Euro rate was €1.0681 (23 Mar 20). Put simply, the average GBP/EUR rate is around €1.15 in recent history. It’s sitting comfortably above that now.

What is the pound-euro exchange rate forecast?

In one month the Pound-Euro exchange rate is forecast to be at 1.1759, according to market-implied pricing. Medium-term Outlook: Will the Pound Strengthen or Fall Against the Euro in the Coming Weeks or 3-6 Months? In three months, the Pound-Euro exchange rate is expected to be at 1.173. In six months the projected rate is at 1.1685.

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