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Which cryptocurrency exchange has the highest volume?

Crypto exchange volume ranking # Exchange #Perpetual 24 volume 7d volume 9 Kraken 6 $ 235.85M $ 2.76B 10 Bitflyer 1 $ 212.11M $ 1.98B 11 BaseFEX 12 $ 11.10M $ 98.21M 12 Kucoin 14 $ 0.00 n/a 8 more rows ...

How many crypto exchanges are there?

Compare all 192 top crypto exchanges. The list is ranked by trading volume. Instant price updates. 10,000+ cryptocurrencies. Share with friends. View the crypto Exchange list, and pick the best one for your next trade. Crypto exchange ranking by trading volume.

What are the 3 largest cryptocurrency exchanges?

Currently, the 3 largest cryptocurrency exchanges are Bybit, OKX, and Coinbase Exchange. Total tracked crypto exchange reserves currently stands at $201 Billion. Trust Score is a rating algorithm developed by CoinGecko to evaluate the legitimacy of an exchange’s trading volume.

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