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How do I import crypto price data into Google Sheets?

The easiest way to import live crypto price data into Google Sheets is using the popular CoinGecko API endpoint ' /simple/price'. This endpoint fetches real-time crypto prices for multiple coins with just one API call, and is a publicly accessible API endpoint.

How to use Google Sheets crypto portfolio tracker?

To make a copy, go to 'File' and select 'Make a copy’. Follow the steps below to use the Google Sheets crypto portfolio tracker. 1. Understand Your Template Your template has two parts: Summary and Transactions. The Summary shows your overall portfolio. Transactions list all your buys, sells, and transfers.

How do I create a cryptocurrency app script on Google Sheets?

Let’s get started! First, create a new spreadsheet on Google Sheets and name it accordingly. This will be your workspace where you'll input and analyze cryptocurrency data. Navigate to ‘ Extensions ’ and select ‘ App Script ’, where a new tab will appear. On the left panel, select ‘ < > Editor ’ and add a new script using the ‘ + ’ button.

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