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Where can I find crude oil prices & futures?

OilMonster offers the latest Crude Oil Prices and Futures index charts from around the globe, including over 150 crude blends from the U.S.A. and daily OPEC price. You can view current prices as well as historical charts and data. Oilmonster's crude oil price historical data table shows weekly, monthly, and yearly high and low prices.

How much is crude oil worth today?

So back in 2008, when we hit that $4.06 peak in gasoline, crude oil was actually at $140 a barrel in those dollars. And so today's dollars, it's about $183. So again, if we persist at $120, that's expensive, but not nearly toward a peak from a historic perspective.

How much does WTI crude oil cost?

The highest ever historical WTI crude oil price was at $141.63 per barrel. Compared to today’s spot price that’s down 44%. Other significant recent historical highs include $77.74 per barrel in Jul, 2006 and $109.50 per barrel in Aug, 2013. Marko has been working on the road for over 5 years, and is currently based in Europe.

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