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What happened to copper prices in 2024?

After bottoming out at US$7,800 per metric ton (MT) in the fall of 2023, copper prices bounced back to start 2024 in higher territory, but elevated supply kept the red metal trading in the US$8,000 to US$8,500 range until mid-March. Since then, copper has seen strong gains, reaching a quarterly high of US$8,973 on March 18.

What's going on with the copper market in 2020?

Global consumption has been a tale of two markets during the past two years: strong growth in mainland China and weakness everywhere else in 2020, followed by a rapid slowdown in mainland China and a rebound elsewhere in 2021. Learn about Copper market fundamentals including supply and demand predictions and the outlook into 2020 and beyond.

How much will copper cost in a year?

Copper prices at records are only a taste of what's to come, says top commodities trader Pierre Andurand. In an interview with the Financial Times, the hedge fund manager projected that the red metal could catapult to $40,000 a ton within just a few years. That's a 288% surge from its current price of $10,290 as of Friday.

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