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How much does WTI crude oil cost?

The highest ever historical WTI crude oil price was at $141.63 per barrel. Compared to today’s spot price that’s down 44%. Other significant recent historical highs include $77.74 per barrel in Jul, 2006 and $109.50 per barrel in Aug, 2013. Marko has been working on the road for over 5 years, and is currently based in Europe.

What time does WTI crude oil trade?

WTI crude oil trades from Sunday through to Friday, 5 PM to 4 PM CT. If you check live prices on Saturdays, you will always see the last recorded WTI crude price from the previous Friday. What was the price of oil one month ago?

Is WTI crude oil down 0%?

Today’s WTI crude oil spot price of $78.67 per barrel is down 0% compared to one week ago at $ 79.46 per barrel. WTI crude oil also opened 2021 with an uptrend at $48.27 per barrel. WTI crude had a series of rallies and tumbles to reach a year-high price of $84.06 per barrel in late October 2021.

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