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What is ComEd's price to compare?

ComEd's Price to Compare is the default supply rate that you pay if you don't participate in Energy Choice. You can use it to help you decide whether or not you would save if you switched electricity providers. ComEd's electricity bill lists the current Price to Compare.

How do I find the best ComEd electric rates?

To find the best ComEd electric rates for you, all you need to do is follow this simple three-step process: Enter your ZIP Code To see providers and plans in your area. Compare electricity providers and plans Pay attention to each plan's electricity supply rate and plan length.

What are the different types of charges on my ComEd electricity bill?

When you look at the charges on your ComEd electricity bill, you will notice two categories of charges: delivery charges and supply charges. When you switch electricity providers, you are taking control of your electricity supply charges.

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